Scotland’s shadows of roguery and genius

by Scott Thomas AndersonPublished in the Roseville Press Tribune

Donan Castle sits on the water near a bridge to Scotland’s Isle of Skye.
Grassmarket Square sits directly under Edinburgh Castle in the city’s Old Town.
Edinburgh’s Old Town was the site of countless moments of infamy and sparks of Enlightenment.
The Royal Mile in Edinburgh leads from a hilltop castle down through the city’s oldest medieval quarter. Its avenue is packed with nods to Scottish literature.
The town of Portree is the biggest settlement on the Isle of Skye.
Sheep graze near the ocean on Scotland’s Isle of Skye.
The Fairy Pools on Scotland’s Isle of Skye.

California journalist. Writer-producer of the ‘Drinkers With Writing Problems’ podcast. Author of ‘Shadow People’ & ‘The Cutting Four-piece’

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